Q. Can you add a provision to install a filter inside the adapter?
A. We can generally add an internal thread in a custom adapter designed online. A common purpose is to mount a filter but the extra thread can have other use. It is important to note that the adapter must be large enough to provide room for the desired filter.
In most cases there is an extra charge for the filter addition. This charge is billed separately via PayPal after we receive your order. Please follow these special instructions to provision for the filter:
First place an order for the adapter with the needed connections on both sides then add a note on the payment page under "Add instructions to seller" and also indicate the filter size. If an appropriate field is not available on the payment page, please email us the same information together with the order reference number (the easiest and quickest way to place the request is to reply to our order confirmation email).
A filter add-on is normally provisioned on the camera side, except for a nosepiece where a filter thread is machined in the conventional location, but if the filter thread needs to be added at a specific location then you want to supply that information as well.

Provisioning for an UNMOUNTED filter can be requested in the same manner but requires ordering an extra retaining ring to hold the filter. An appropriate retaining ring is easily created by selecting lock/retaining ring (under extensions and spacers) on the scope side and a filter (under generic devices) on the camera side. The filter selected should have approximately the same diameter as the unmounted filter but does not need to be an exact match. We can make the necessary adjustment assuming the exact DIAMETER and THICKNESS of the unmounted filter is supplied when requesting this feature.

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