Q. When I try the Virtual Reality 3-D my web browser shows a blank window, or says WebGL is not supported.
A. The Virtual Reality 3-D view requires a recent browser with support for WebGL (see this answer for more information about WebGL). Nowadays practically all newer browsers and mobile devices support WebGL, but very old browsers generally do not, and new browsers on older computers will almost certainly fail. Some browser, such as Apple Safari on macOS requires WebGL to be explicitly enabled, thus we recommend using either Firefox or Google Chrome since there is no need to explicitely enable WebGL in these browsers, but if Safari is your only available browser you might want to try the following to enable WebGL:
In macOS 10.8 and earlier, check the Developer menu button in Preferences->Advanced, then click the "WebGL" choice in the Developer menu at the top of the screen. In Safari on macOS 10.9 or later, the WebGL button is in Preferences under the Security Menu.
If the Virtual Reality 3-D function continues to show a blank window after enabling WebGL in Safari, try resizing the browser window just a little to refresh the graphics window and make the 3-D rendering appear.
Mobile Safari on iPhones and iPads in principle supports WebGL by default but if clicking the Virtual Reality 3-D icon shows a blank white window try rotating your device to flip the screen orientation back and forth. This simple action usually suffices to display the 3-D rendering.

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