Q. What kind of warranty do you offer?
A. We will replace or rework a custom adapter if it does not fit either of the devices the adapter was ordered for, or if the part length does not match the effective length ordered, within a reasonable tolerance commensurate with the application.
Any claim for replacement or repair must be made within 60 days of delivery date.
All the parts we make are unique and machined exactly according to the customer-created design, and this regrettably precludes any return. All sales are therefore final unless the part is defective as defined above.
Please note that we cannot warrant that the part will fit a particular purpose or a specific instrument setup, and we expect our customers to assume full responsibility that the adapter morphology and length as ordered are appropriate for the application.
We also cannot anticipate all possible interferences between two devices interconnected by our adapters, therefore it is the customer responsibility to verify before ordering that equipments installed in close proximity will not interfere with each other. The part's 2D drawing and the 3-D virtual reality rendering offered on our site are useful to verify possible interferences.
Disclaimer: Many devices share similar designations but have different specifications, and to ensure you are selecting the correct devices please always verify the adapter scale drawing displayed on the left side of the price page to ensure the general features match the equipments the adapter is intended for. If an order is placed using a browser that cannot display the drawing we will not warrant the design therefore the provisions outlined in this paragraph become null and void.
If your browser cannot display the drawing, please check this answer.

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