Q. I need a lock ring or retaining ring. How do I specify that?
A. A Lock Ring is a female threaded ring to be inserted between two devices to secure the devices at a certain distance or at a certain angle, while a Retaining Ring is a male threaded ring used for example to secure a lens within a cell or within a filter frame.
To create either part, first select the device or feature the ring will connect to, on the Telescope or the Camera side (the side selected will usually dictate whether the ring is threaded female, a lock ring, or male, a retaining ring, based on the selected device gender), then select extensions and spacers -> Lock Ring on the other side. Noting that the "extensions and spacers" category is located at the end of the pull-down menus on the first page.
For examples selecting a generic T-thread on the Telescope Side produces a female threaded lock ring, while a male threaded retaining ring can be created by selecting a generic filter on the Camera Side. Again, the selection on the other side should be extensions and spacers -> Lock Ring.
Our Virtual Reality 3-D rendering is best to show details in thin parts such as lock rings and retaining rings. Zoom the display by scrolling or pinching.
Lock rings and retaining rings are usually made at minimum length (by specifying a length of 0) but can also be made a little thicker to improve grip, particularly on female threaded lock rings.
If designing either type of ring care should be taken to make sure that after inserting the ring there are enough free threads remaining so that the device can still be securely installed (check also this answer).
Most, but not all, types of lock rings or retaining rings can be designed online.
Female threaded lock rings are generally knurled while male retaining rings have spanner slots or holes to facilitate installation and removal.

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