Q. Can a male thread be made longer to provide additional room for inserting a lock ring?
A. We can extend a male thread in a custom adapter upon request:
First place an order for an adapter with the appropriate connections and an effective length THAT INCLUDES the amount of ADDITIONAL thread length the adapter should have, then add a note under "Note to Seller" on the PayPal payment page, indicating the ADDITIONAL thread length required. You can also email us the same information after placing the order, indicating the order number or the part reference.
For example if one needs a 20 mm effective length adapter with a male T-thread that is 5 mm LONGER then the adapter must be ordered with an effective length of 25 mm to account for the extended thread.
In most cases there is no extra charge for the extended thread, but if there is a charge it will be billed separately via PayPal after we receive your online order.
(Noting that a lock ring can be ordered online as well. Please check this answer for details).

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