Create your very own Astronomy or Astrophotography Custom Adapter in just a few clicks
Select the manufacturers or makes of the devices on the telescope side and on the camera side of the adapter, respectively. Please note that the sides are viewed from the adapter perspective and assume a left to right optical path. If a particular name is NOT listed and the connecting feature is an industry standard, such as T-thread or C-mount, select generic devices at the end of the list. Please DO NOT select "generic" if the device is listed.
An Extension Tube or Spacer can easily be created by selecting that entry under generic devices on one side only. Not all types of extension tubes are available. Consult our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Select the Make or Manufacturer for the Device on each side

Telescope/Objective Side


Camera/Eyepiece Side

Direction of Light


All devices brand names and registered names are properties of their respective owners.

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