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Your own Custom Adapter is just a couple of clicks away

...the company's new online program lets you design unique adapters with just a few mouse clicks. Within days the custom-machined part will be in your hands.

Sky & Telescope
January 2011

What we do

We make precision custom adapters and one-of-a-kind telescope accessories.
You can now design your own custom adapter online in a few clicks or taps with Build-An-Adapter, our Online Adapter Builder but if the device you own is not listed, just tell us where the part is to be used: We maintain an extensive knowledge base of specifications on telescopes, cameras and accessories and we can generally determine size, thread and diameters to quickly add the appropriate device in our database.
Our specialty is making high quality custom adapters with fast turn around for astronomy and astrophotography although we also occasionally make parts for other fields. Contact us with your requirements.
All our products are custom CNC machined, one at a time. We do not carry off-the shelf inventory.

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